Shihan Marni Wolfe

Club Owner - Head Instructor
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Shihan Marni Wolfe, Yondan (4th Degree) Blackbelt. Marni is the Head Instructor of the Straffordville location of Martial Arts Canada. I began my martial arts training in 1988 at the age of 13. With the support of my parents and martial arts family, a spark ignited that grew into a deeper interest and passion for training and competing in local tournament circuits. 1997 was an impactful year for me as I was promoted to Shodan ho along with my training partners, Shihan MaryLynn and Sensei John. It was a day that I would cherish for years to come as it marked the beginning of a new journey as a leader/instructor. As a competitor, I was inducted into the National Blackbelt League's Hall of Fame as the 1997 Rookie Black Belt Competitor of the Year after placing among the top 3 in all events at the NBL World Championships in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

As life unfolded, so came responsibility: managing a job, financial obligations, marriage, a child, the regular obstacles we all share but often pull us from a higher purpose. This purpose was found through the training and study of karate, a purpose that would have many facets and future roles in her life. In September of 2001, I opened the Straffordville location of Martial Arts Canada. From a small class of local students, MAC Straffordville has grown to a sizeable number and offers Tiny Tiger, Youth, Adult and Advanced classes. In 2011, my love of teaching in the dojo inspired me to return to school to pursue my life-long dream, a career in Education. “Martial Arts has taught me to set goals, be disciplined and work hard to achieve those goals”. I am both proud and deeply honoured to have been given the opportunity to pursue my passion for teaching karate as an affiliate class of Martial Arts Canada. I welcome students of all ages to join me and my enthusiastic team of black belts as they help students realize their goals and reach their fullest potential in a family oriented atmosphere.

Shihan Marni Wolfe is Head Instructor at MAC Straffordville Dojo


Renshi Bruce Shaver, Shihan Marni Wolfe, Shihan MaryLynn Okkerse