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Martial Arts Canada offers a quality karate program that provides children and adults self-defense skills along with self-confidence, self-control and discipline. Students are taught in a respectful environment where each person is encouraged to achieve their highest potential.

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Testing or evaluation is important to martial artists of many disciplines who wish to determine their progression or own level of skill in some specific contexts.

Various forms and sparring are commonly used in martial art exhibitions and tournaments. Some competitions pit practitioners of different disciplines against each other.

Full-contact sparring or competition, where strikes are not pulled but thrown with full force as the name implies, has a number of differences from light contact sparring.

Martial arts have crossed over into sports when forms of sparring become competitive, becoming a sport in its own right that is dissociated from the original combative origin.

Martial arts training aims to result in several benefits to trainees, such as their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Spiritually-oriented and health-oriented.



Martial Arts Canada was established in 1975 by Kyoshi Jim Summers
and in 1984, Renshi Bruce became the Presidents of the Martial Arts Canada
Club. In 2008, the day-to-day club activities were passed to Shihan
MaryLynn Okkerse and Shihan Marni Wolfe. The club has qualified Black
Belt instructors both male and female; teaching Karate, Self-defense and
fitness; from beginner to advanced levels to students of all ages.
The instructors are dedicated to training and inspiring people to fulfill their
highest potential. They encourage anyone that would like to improve their
physical condition, self-confidence, as well as emotional and physical growth
and to study the art of Karate.
Martial Arts Canada offers a quality Karate Program that can provide
children and adults not only Self-defense techniques but also selfconfidence,
self-control and discipline. Students are taught in a respectful
and encouraging environment. Members enjoy the convenience of a clean
and friendly place to work out. There are various social events held for
members, their families and friends such as; BBQ’s, Christmas Parties
and Awards Banquets.
All students are members of the Martial Arts Canada Organization. The
Organization has a board of directors that will oversee club rules,
regulations, standards, club structure and club goals. This will give each
member the opportunity to train at all Martial Arts Canada Clubs. A portion
of all membership fees is paid to the Organization.
At this time we would like to thank you for joining the Martial Arts
Canada Club. We hope that your experience is an enriching one and an
experience that includes emotional as well as physical and social growth.
Your student handbook should be kept on hand at all times. It will be of
great use to you, now and in the future.
Your have our best wishes for success in your new adventure.
Martial Arts Canada


Martial Arts Canada students should be courteous both inside and
outside the club. They should try to develop a spirit of mutual
cooperation and justice.
Integrity implies that one must be able to define right from wrong
and do what is right. He who has integrity will not misrepresent
himself or his skills. A student who has integrity does not gain rank
for purposes of ego or the feeling or power, but rather for personal
growth and improvement of technique. Students train for selfdefense
and to improve ones own being.
There is an old oriental saying “Patience Leads to Virtue or Merit”.
To achieve something, whether it is a high degree or the perfection
of a technique, one must set his goals and constantly persevere to
obtain those goals. One of the most important secrets in becoming a
leader is to overcome every difficulty with perseverance.
Self Control:
This, as are all the others, is important both inside and outside the
club. Whether one is free sparring or conducting his personal
affairs, one must exercise self-control and respect the rights of
Kyoshi Jim Summers. Founder
President: 1975-°©‐1984
Renshi Bruce Shaver
President: 1984-°©‐2017
Shihan MaryLynn Okkerse
Current President
Shihan Marni Wolfe

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I enjoyed training with the coach greatly. Thank you for the amazing opportunity and awesome experience.

Nick Sullivan

My kids love your school. Professional and individual approach is key in this job. So, thank you a lot.

Sam Jones