Kyoshi Jim Summers

Founder of Martial Arts Canada
Brief info

Martial Arts Canada was established in 1975 by Kyoshi Jim Summers and in 1984, Renshi Bruce became the President of the Martial Arts Canada Club. In 2008, the day-to-day club activities were passed to Shihan MaryLynn Okkerse and Shihan Marni Wolfe.
The club has qualified Black Belt instructors both male and female, teaching Karate, Self-defense and fitness, from beginner to advanced levels of students of all ages.

The Instructors are dedicated to training and inspiring people to fulfil their highest potential. They encourage anyone that would like to improve their physical condition, self-confidence, as well as emotional and physical growth and to study the art of Karate.

Martial Arts Canada offers a quality Karate Program that can provide children and adults not only Self-defense techniques but also self-confidence, self-control and discipline. Students are taught in a respectful and encouraging environment. Members enjoy the convenience of a clean and friendly place to work out. There are various social events held for members, their families and friends such as BBQ’s, Christmas Parties and Awards Banquets.

All students are members of the Martial Arts Canada Organization. The Organization has a board of directors that will oversee club rules, regulations, standards, club structure and club goals. This will give each member the opportunity to train at all Martial Arts Canada Clubs. A portion of all membership fees is paid to the Organization.

Martial Arts Canada wishes all its members an enriching experience that includes emotional as well as physical and social growth.