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Competition Team Information

What is Competition?

Competition in Martial Arts Canada is a chance to showcase our martial arts with other karate schools and experience the variety in our sport.
Students generally compete in kata (forms), weapons and sparring. There are traditional and creative/musical kata and weapons divisions and point and continuous sparring divisions. MAC Comp Team provides the opportunity to compete in all the above events.
Competition runs annually February-December. Students need to sign up for tournaments in advance.
*It is recommended that students attend all practices and fundraising events in the season regardless of the number of tournaments they are attending.

Who can Compete?

Competition has always been a part of our MAC family and students are required to attend tournaments at advanced belt levels.
Students from all MAC locations who are WHITE/YELLOW belt and up of ANY AGE are invited to compete! As white belts we are still mastering the basic skills so until a students has their second belt it is recommended they focus on in-class training first.
*Please speak with your Home Sensei if you wish to start competing.


Practices take place on Saturdays 8:30-10:30. See the tournament schedule for dates.
Students need to attend practices regularly to compete at tournaments. Practices will focus on cardio/strength training, individual katas, weapons, and sparring. Seminar opportunities exist throughout the season so please stay updated for classes you would like to participate in.
Bring your camera or phone to videotape the sessions so you can practice at home!
Practices are in addition to regular training and should not replace weekly class attendance.

What is NMAC and WKC?

NMAC offers many tournaments worldwide that are hosted by a variety of dojos and styles in martial arts. MAC will focus locally between London and Ottawa. The schedule may be changed throughout the season.
For every placing in a division students collect points that add up for a year-end banquet and awards ceremony hosted by NMAC. It is our goal to put many MAC competitors on the board! Check out NMAC online at
Competitions are rated B to Elite AAAAA. A variety have been selected to offer solid competition to both beginner and experienced MAC students.WKC is a circuit that offers divisions for Black Belts and advanced belts. Competitors will compete by age, gender and sometimes weight but not belt. The WKC World’s is an exciting experience that is available each year. Competitors must qualify in Provincial and National competitions to participate in the World’s. Check out

A Typical Tournament Day:

Average Length of Tournament: 8am-4pm
Students arrive at the tournament via carpool or individual rides. They get changed and can practice in available rings until their division is called. Youngest competitors compete first. Families should stay until ALL MAC Competitors have finished competing
Order of Events: Weapons- Kata- Sparring
Team Dinner: Following the last competitor on the team to compete
For more information please email